What does it mean to be designed and built under Austin Energy Green Building Multifamily Rating?

It allows green features of the building as well as ways to ensure that you can utilize the building to enhance the sustainable nature of the facility through many areas.

– Recycling program onsite

– Encouraging Alternative Transportation Options such as covered bicycle racks located in each breezeway and walking distance to several bus stops

Green building Features

  • HVAC system provides an energy efficient 14 SEER unit for each home
  • Lighting utilizes high efficiency compact fluorescent lighting
  • Energy Star Rated Ceiling Fans
  • Energy Star Rated Appliances
  • Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Additional Features

– At least 50% of the construction waste from the project was recycled and diverted from a landfill.

– Windows in living room and bedrooms to allow maximum daylight in most heavily used areas.

– Low VOC paints and coatings products were used to ensure that the fumes/off-gassing is minimal to non-existent to provide the highest level of indoor air quality.

– Landscaping was designed to minimize potable water use for irrigation by installing water-wise landscapes to reduce the treatment and energy used by municipal water systems, saving water and energy and lower building operating costs.